Stenciling & Striped Walls

Stenciling & Striped Walls



Stenciled wall designs can be an easy task once you learn the basics of it. In addition to that, you can create numerous effects for the stenciled walls in your living room, bedrooms or even reading rooms. You may purchase stencils from any home depots and other suppliers as all you need are brushes and paint only to create the special effects such as shimmering colours and pearl as well as polka dots effects.


Sometimes, it is rather hard to estimate the amount of paint needed for the jobs. Thus, it is best to get the paint from stores that come with a mixing machine. So, when you need extra paint, you can easily mix and match the colour. To add more effects to it, try using textured rollers and sponges when applying the paint.


It is advisable for beginners to try out the effects on a piece of plywood before stenciling on the walls. When stenciling the bedroom, your creativity is limitless. Choose any colour you like and begin the process of stenciling. After all, stenciling walls should be a fun job for all. You may also choose colour that best compliments the main colour of the wall.


Striped Walls


In the fashion world, people in bigger size shall not wear vertical striped shirts while leaner ones shall put on horizontally stripped shirts. This is all largely due to optical illusion. The same rule applies to spaces in home. You may begin the task in walk-in closet before practicing it in your bedrooms. Get the best optical illusion to look just right for your eyes.


In addition to the vertical and horizontal striped walls, you can also play around with colours. Different colours can bring different vibes. Mix and match the colour that best suits your personality.