Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council


The Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council is a specialised promotional body that promotes and develops the Malaysian furniture industry to establish Malaysia as a globally recognised source of world-class furniture.

MFPC Logo and its meaning

The letters “mf” in white represents Malaysian Furniture with the colour white projecting the image of “pure furniture”. The large blue circle that contains the letters symbolises the world we are living in and the colour blue reflects our hope for a peaceful world. These letters lie within the circle with the edges at its perimeter at four points, signifying the presence of Malaysian furniture in all parts of the world.

The red dot etched just outside the circle completes the letter “f” and denotes the moon and its vibrancy, which is always in motion circling the world. The letters “pc” are in blue, characterising the smooth operations of the MFPC. Resonating the spirit of the moon, these letters stand for Promotion Council, which moves in the same spherical trajectory to promote Malaysian furniture all over the world.

Malaysia Furniture Industry

MFPC was established in 2003 by the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

The main responsibility of MFPC is to promote and develop the Malaysian furniture industry in order to sustain the industry’s export as a substantial foreign exchange earning for the national economy.

MFPC formulates strategies and implements programmes to facilitate the progress of the industry to further enhance Malaysia’s image as a world-class furniture player. MFPC carries out programmes which include the promotion and development of new markets, enhancement of design capabilities and capacities, collection and dissemination of market information and trade statistics to the industry.

MFPC is responsible to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

There’s nothing like real wood furniture

Reflecting Malaysia’s natural diversity, our furniture industry provides ample variety for the world’s furniture needs. Foremost among our offerings is natural wood furniture.
Including rubberwood, Malaysia’s legendary timber goes into about 80% of Malaysian furniture. Despite being made from the oldest furniture material known to man, wood furniture remains the number one choice for lifestyle applications.
The uninterrupted growth of Malaysia’s forests shows itself in the country’s vast variety of timber that provides a vibrant natural colour palette for unbridled creativity in design. Timber native to Malaysia include Palm Wood, Biocomposite, Balau, Bintangor, Dark Red Meranti, Kelat, Kembang Semangkok, Kempas, Keruing, Mengkulang, Merbau, Mersawa, Nyatoh, Red Balau, Rubberwood, Sepetir and Ramin. While each of these tropical hardwoods has its unique qualities, all season well and age gracefully without losing their defining features. Malaysia is one of the top suppliers of Meranti, internationally a most-traded tropical hardwood. Ramin, with its characteristic honey-coloured grain, is also available in Malaysia.