Timber works

Timber works in renovation refers to any projects carried out using wood and planks. This could be in terms of building a small segment of the home or giving the entire space a makeover of a wooden impression. Timber works require a lot of planning while designing it will require the service of a professional vendor because they will offer the best advice and recommendation on what type of timber works are suitable for your space.

Timber works service

In most cases, the interior designer will provide you with the appropriate advice when it comes to timber works. After all, the designer will be determining which part of your home will involve the use of wood and planks. This is where you need to be involved because timber works can be quite costly if they are not controlled.

It must be noted that interior designers might not be experts in timber works as they are more concerned with the design and outlook. Hence, they might engage an expert in these areas. You can find them at shopping mall outlets like those that sell hardwood floors and wall coatings. If you are not sure, you can always engage their services by purchasing their products.

Factors to consider

Timber works for renovation could range from building an entire new segment of the home, the ceilings or only a wall. Meanwhile, this could include building of a small hut or a tree-house in the garden as well. There are certain issues that you must consider prior to this and that includes the material used. Malaysian homes have the tendency to leak and if that happens, the type of wood you use might be damaged.

You have to consider if the wooden section of your home are practical. There are certain parts where wood might not be the best material to use like pillars and wall-beams although there is certain type of wood which is known to be extremely strong. This is where you need the advice of the timber works professional to help you make a sound decision.

Design is another factor. If you are moving towards a Balinese or Malay design home, then timber works might be suitable as they go along well with the motifs. However, if you are adopting other designs like Indian style, then this might not be the best option for you. Meanwhile, contemporary and modern designs have a lot of timber elements in them which you can consider.