Top Gadgets for Home

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The area of home gadgets is continuously observed with the advancement of technology and new platforms like IoT (Internet of Things). You would want to know what the latest ones are and here is a list of items that you should have to get you started.

IoT enabled gadgets

The fundamental idea behind all that are being listed below is that they are to create a smart-home lifestyle for you. When they are all installed, you will most likely have a home which can be very much controlled from your smartphone.

Controlling the lights

The Plum Lightpad Dimmer is an interesting device. This is the first wi-fi lightpad dimmer you can find around. How it works is that you use the app to control the lighting dimmer of your home while also the intensity.

Modern doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is the device that you can install in place of your old one. This app works both as a doorbell and when it rings, it calls your phone and you can then have a conversation. You can view who is at the doorstep with the app as well.

Smart thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is the one we are talking about here. This is simple to use where you just stick it to a wall. What makes the thermostat so popular is that it can ‘learn’ your schedule after about 2 weeks and adjusts accordingly.

Touch to lock

The Yale Touchscreen Lock is a lock which is very straightforward and easy to install. Different people in your home get different IDs. So, you just replace your old lock and you are ready to go. Key in the number and it is all that takes.

Programmable and smart sprinkler

Not every house has a sprinkler but if you do, then the Rachio Sprinkler is where it gives your sprinkler ‘brains’. It learns and adapts to your schedule accordingly where it considers the amount of rain that will happen. Besides that, you can set the zone including the type of crop in a certain area.

Modern cameras

The Arlo cameras come available for both indoor and outdoor. These wireless cameras are perfect where you can use the wired or the battery-charged. What it does is that it only record when motion is detected means it will not be very energy hungry.

1 remote to rule them all

If you are using a smart-home, then the Logitech Remote control is your answer to connect everything together. All you need is one remote and you are set to control all your home appliances without having to maintain so many. It, however, allows you to keep your old and current ones too.

Smart lighting

The LIFX Bulbs pronounced as lifex, is controlled via wi-fi which gives you all levels of white-light for the area it is illuminating. Besides that, you can control the level of other colors, intensity and other features too.

Control Centre

The Amazon Alexa is a voice control device. It is the one that let you can control many things around the home not limited to only the appliances. It is like a Siri-homemaker. It helps to control your music, your recipes and most of your home automation products.

Samsung’s Smart things

This is the devices that tie all the devices around your home and then communicate with each other. It then processes it in the cloud. In other words, it is the IoT on steroids and has been listed as the most demanded and useful gadget of 2017 and 2018 by many.