Water Heater repair

Most homes around Malaysia today use water heaters. At average, each home has 2 water heaters usually installed in the bathrooms. To some families, this is an integral part of the home while to others, they are a luxury.

Water heater experts

We are a team of home repair experts who are focused in repairing water heaters. Unlike other home repair companies that are jack-of-all-trades and would mostly sub-con these jobs to third party companies, we are totally different.
We bring with us many years of experience and expertise in repairing water heaters. Our team of experts are fully qualified and have been trained by some of the top brands of water heaters in the industry. As such, we know the ins and outs of water heater systems in a broad range of brands.

We will advise you on options

We know how disruptive it is when you water heater system breaks down or is faulty and we know that you will need to rectify this problem in the shortest time possible. This is so that you can enjoy hot water in your bathroom soonest so that you can get on with your everyday life.
As we prioritize your comfort at home, we will try to understand the problem the moment you call us. This will give us a good head-start before visiting your premises. In other words, we will try to solve your problem the moment we are there so that there will be no downtime.
We will advise you the available options for your water heater problems which include:

  1. Change parts – If there is any part in the water heater that needs to be changed, we will advise you accordingly. The price will be informed before the exercise takes place. We will only change the parts upon your agreement
  2. Replacing the entire unit – In certain cases, it would be more economical to replace the entire water heater set. We will then offer you with a range of available options which is suited to your budget. You can choose to buy from us or you can buy somewhere else and we will replace it for you
  3. Periodical servicing – We will advise you on the best time to service your water heater units. Our charges are affordable and rates among the best in the market.

Your satisfaction, our promise

Ultimately, we prioritize your satisfaction. We offer the best convenience for you. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment and we will visit you at your convenience. Feel free to reschedule, cancel or modify your appointment at any time. If we need to take your water heater back for further diagnostics, we will even install a temporary unit so that you will not experience any disruption in your home. When it comes to water heaters, you can count on us for your maximum satisfaction.