Washing machine and dryer repairs

Home appliances like washing machines and repairs are important devices that keep the home going. They provide us with a lot of convenience which means that we expect them to be in working conditions at all times. When these appliances break down, it can cause a lot of disruption and subsequently inconvenience.

Keeping your washing machine and dryers working

We understand that it is not easy to find washing machine experts around. As such, we have taken to great lengths to put together a team of experts to solve your needs. Whenever you have a problem with your washing machine and dryers, call us anytime and we will be on standby to help you solve these problems.

How good are we?

One thing for sure, we do not compromise in our service quality. We only employ the best experts in washing machines and dryers in our team. This means that our team members are the best you can find in the market.
All our experts bring with them some form of specialization in one way or another. They have been fully trained by top manufacturers of washing and dryer machines in the industry. This means that they are in the know of the ins and outs of how these machines work. When you engage us, you can be assured of nothing short of the best.

What are our services?

As our customer, you can choose between engaging us on a case-by-case basis or on a medium and long term basis.

  1. Case-by-case – When you experience any problems with your washing or dryer machines, you can call us and we will attend to your problem. This will go through a process where we will troubleshoot the problem, visit your premises and then charge you accordingly.
  2. Medium and long term – This is where you enter into a maintenance contract with us. What we do is that we will ensure that you have a working washing and drying machine at all times. In this type of contract, we will provide round-the-clock servicing and repairs. In other words, as long as the contract is valid, we are obliged to solve your problems. Besides that, we will provide periodical check ups. This will occur based on your convenience and on the interval of servicing to ensure your machines are always operating.

Our commitment to you

You can be assured of our service quality in maintaining your washing and drying machines. We know how frustrating it can be when these machines break down. As such, we will take all possible measures to ensure you do not experience any inconvenience. Our commitment to you is that you will only be charged rates that are competitive and based on the market, if not lower.

When we try to solve your problems, we will take all measures to ensure that only the best parts and original ones are used. We will advise you on the cost involved while providing spare units in situations where we need to take your machine back for repairs or replacements.