Refrigerator Servicing

Every home has a working refrigerator. It is one of the most important electrical appliance in the home because it is where it keeps food fresh for cooking as well as other daily essentials. The fridge plays a crucial role to ensure that everyone has something to eat and drink at any time.

All types of refrigerators

What makes the fridge so important is that it houses food, snacks and drinks for everyone in the family. If the fridge breaks down, it will create a lot of frustration for everyone. As such, we are in this business to ensure that your home has a working fridge at all times.
Whether it is the built-in fridge or stand-alone units, we have the expertise to solve the problem for you. We will ensure that your fridge is constantly in the best working conditions. All you need to do is to call us and we will be there!

Our range of services

Our team of experts bring with them many years of working experience which means your fridge is in safe hands when you call us. We have worked on all types of established brands and has accumulated the best knowledge of how these systems work. Our range of services come in 2 categories:

  1. Case by case – Feel free to call us as and when your fridge has a problem. We will try to solve your problem in the shortest time possible. In this cases, you will be charged based only on what was done and the services carried out.
  2. Maintenance contract – For an affordable yearly or periodically fee, we will provide you with the repair support for your fridge. This means that when there is a problem, we are committed to ensure that it is solved based on a pre-agreed time-frame. Besides that, we will come to your premises to carry out checks for your fridge once every quarter. This is to ensure that your fridge is working at its tip top condition at all times and to identify any problems before they occur

Our commitment

When you engage us, you are guaranteed of service at the highest level. We will ensure that you have a working fridge at all times.

  1. When you have a problem with your fridge, send us a text. We will then call you at your convenience and run a simple question and answer session. This helps us to understand what the problem us before visiting you.
  2. We will make an appointment to visit you. Our scheduling can be very flexible where you can change or cancel the appointment if necessary.
  3. Once we are at your premises, we will not leave until you are satisfied or have a working unit. If we need to remove the fridge for further repair, we will provide you with a spare unit so that you will not have to experience any disruptions
  4. Our rates are among the lowest in the market and you will only be charged based on what has been agreed. There is no hidden costs or any surprise charges.