Computer Repair

The computer is one of the most important part of everyday life. It helps us to get our work done and is a primary source of entertainment which gets us through each day. Hence, when the computer breaks down or is faulty, it can cause a lot of heartache and frustration.

We know your computer best

We are a team of computer experts who are well-versed in computer systems. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop computer, we have all the qualifications and experience to solve all your computer problems.

What do we offer?

Are you facing any problems with your computer? Is there a problem in starting up or in launching an application? Just call us and we will help you solve the problems within a heartbeat. What we can offer you includes:

  1. Peace of mind – When you call us, you can be certain that your computer problems are solved. We will not leave your premises without solving your problem.
  2. Affordability – Our service rates are among the lowest in the market and we will ensure that everything is charged according to your budget. If you do not agree to our charges, let us know and we will try to work round it.
  3. Convenience – We will try to accommodate your timing because we know you can be a busy person. Feel free to let us know what is the best time to come whether it is early in the morning or in the evenings. Our schedule is very flexible which means you can change your appointment time if needed

Range of services

We offer a range of services aimed at offering the best and most economic option in solving all your computer repair needs. Among them are:

  1. Over the phone – We will help you through the first level of support when you call us. If you are our customer, we will be able to troubleshoot your problem over the phone to save you any inconvenience.
  2. Site visit – We will come to your premises if the problem cannot be solved over the phone. This is when there might be a need to replace a part or if further diagnostics are required. Be assured that we will not allow any downtime for you. Should there be a need to take your machine back with us, we will provide you with a temporary machine (with your data inside) until your problem is solved.
  3. Repairs and replacements – Once we determine the problem, then we will be able to identify what needs to be done. We will advise you on whether there is any replacement of parts needed or how can we repair the system. This is where we will quote you on the costs involved before proceeding. This is to ensure that you are aware of the costs so that you are comfortable with what needs to be done

Ultimately, we will ensure that you will enjoy the best quality of service when you call us because we keep you informed all the time through our team of highly trained experts and technicians.