Alarm system repairs

We are fully aware the importance of a working alarm system whether it is for your home or office. Security should be given the first priority so that your property and loved ones are protected at all times. As such, we are on-call around the clock to solve any of your alarm system problems.

What we do?

We are a team of experts who have years of experience in repairing alarm systems. This could cover areas like:

  1. Closed Circuit Television Systems – for homes, factories, offices and any other premises
  2. Alarm systems – doors, windows and all entry/ exit points of the property
  3. Mobile systems – for better control of your security systems

When your alarm system breaks down

We totally understand the frustration when your alarm system malfunctions or breaks down. What you need is a team of experts who can solve your problem immediately. Just call us and we will be on standby. You will enjoy the following:

  1. First level of service – call us and tell us your problem. We will try to dignose the problem over the phone. Alternatively, you can send us an email or even contact us through Whatsapp or Facebook. This will give us a preview of what is needed to be done or repaired
  2. Second level – We will then make an appointment to visit your premises at your convenience. No problem if you are busy. We will come at your convenience. If your system was purchased from us, we can even try to solve the problem remotely.
  3. Third level – Where necessary, we will then replace the parts or troubleshoot the problem at your place. We guarantee that you will have the peace of mind once we have visited you. We will either solve the problem and if we need more time, we will install a temporary system while we bring the equipment back for further troubleshooting.
  4. Other services – After the repair works have been done, we will follow-up with you for the coming days to ensure that your system is running efficiently without problems and glitches. Should there be any issues, we will ensure that they are resolved immediately.

Our guarantee

When you call us, you are calling a team of seasoned experts in alarm systems. We bring with us many years of industry experience and our specialists are certified and qualified people who will give you nothing less than the best service quality. One thing for sure, we will not leave your premises until the system is up and running.

Another guarantee we give you is that our rates are affordable and feasible. After diagnosis, we will quote you on the price. There will be no hidden costs and you pay only for what you want. If there are areas that you feel is unnecessary, feel free to inform us and we will omit from the agreement. There will be no obligations here. Our satisfaction of our services is our main priority and we ensure that you have the best peace of mind with your alarm system. That’s our commitment to you.