Your useful guide to awnings and canopies

When it comes to home makeovers, the best thing about doing this is that you can choose from many designs and types. Malaysian homes are usually fitted with awnings or canopies especially in landed property and at the porch areas. Awnings and canopies are different although they are used for similar reasons.

Awning Fitting

– Malaysian homes are known to install awnings to cover the sun or rain off from the porch. This type of fitting is installed and usually mounted onto the structure of the house. In most cases, the awning uses aluminum sheets especially when they are permanent. However, most homes today use retractable motorized awnings that use a sheet of canvas or waterproof fabric which can be extended and kept when needed.

Canopy Fitting

– A canopy is used for the same reason as an awning but it is usually more mobile. Canopies were traditionally used as a cover which is elevated above something underneath. It looks very much like a parachute and is commonly used in events like weddings and birthdays for a short period of time. Canopies are usually more mobile and portable and come in many sizes.

Types of awnings

Classic Awning

– This type of awning is the cheapest and most affordable. It has been used for decades now that use aluminum sheets. However, it can get very noisy especially when it rains.

Roof-Tile Awning

– This type of awning use tiles which can be quite economical. Roof-tile awnings are designed like the standard roofing in most homes. It does not create as much noise and looks a lot better than classic awnings.

Polycarbonate Awning

– This type of awning is quite popular today as they are quite versatile. They have nicer designs which can be customized in terms of size and shape. The polycarbonate material is soft and light and comes in many color schemes. However, it can be quite noisy as well while it can sometimes create a certain green or blue glare onto the ground.

Retractable Awning

– Seen mostly in cafes and eateries, this type of awning is more expensive. However, it has a lot of benefits as it does not alter the original design and architecture of the house. Retractable awnings are very useful as it is only used when needed which allow the house owner to enjoy sunlight at times.

Glass Awning

– This is among the most modern and contemporary type where it can create a very luxurious persona for the home. In most cases, the glass awning is more expensive as you need high quality material.