What you should know about tiles and tiling?

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Tiles are commonly used in renovation and in home makeovers to create an easy to maintain and posh outlook. In using tiles, you eliminate a lot of efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of the surface as they can be easily cleansed. Putting tiles in the surface of any room in the house can be a challenge as it would require some preparation and knowledge before you start.

Types of tiles

The first thing you need to know is the types of tiles. Generally, there are 2 basic types which are ceramic and porcelain tiles.

The 2 types of types are different in terms of their absorption of water. Ceramic tiles have higher water absorption level where it can be between 1 to 10% depending on the material composition. Meanwhile, porcelain tiles are a lot lower. They are usually below 0.5%.

What types of tiles to use and where

The basic rule of thumb in using tiles is to have those with higher water absorption level in internal areas as you do not want any water retention in these areas. This means that ceramic tiles would be ideal for places like living and dining rooms. Apart from that, you will surely want to use ceramic tiles in the bathroom as well.

On the other hand, the outside areas would best be installed with porcelain tiles. However, it must be noted that there has been a growing trend of using porcelain tiles indoors as well.

Common Advice

-The best way to know which type of tiles to use is actually to speak to an expert. This information can usually be obtained from contractors as they would have the experience of laying tiles.

Tiling Process

-The tiling process is something which needs the professionals because if you do not carry out a good job, it might not be evenly laid that can cause a lot of problems in the future. It would be best to have the contractor do the tiling for you.

Purchase Yourself

-In most cases, you can purchase your own tiles. The contractor will tell you which type, size, quantity and color to use and you can buy them yourself. If you trust the contractor enough, you can let him do the buying.

Never decide on the first design you see. Always make comparisons between brands, price and material. Be aware of any cheap tiles as they could be of sub-standard quality. Tiling is something you do once and you leave it for many years. You want to get this right the first time. Check properly before purchase. Ask the sales personnel if you are not sure.