What you can expect from Cleaning Services

When it comes to property maintenance, the real headache is always in the cleaning. Within your own home, this depends largely on the size of the house. If you own a double-storey house, cleaning could be quite a daunting task.

As such, many people like to engage cleaning services where they employ a company that offers these services for a certain fee. Cleaning services is favored by many property owners who do not employ their own domestic helpers as this option is cheaper although it might not be as flexible.

Hence, if you are planning to engage cleaning services, what should you look out for?

Cleaning services Provider

-First, you should shop around for the service providers. There are many companies that offer cleaning services these days and as such, the challenge is to find one that is really good. For convenience purposes, always look for a cleaning service provider which operates around your vicinity. This will escalate travelling time.

Service Rate

-Next, ask around for the rate of the service. In most cases, cleaning services charge around RM40 to RM50 for a half day’s work. This is usually measured in hours. A half day’s cleaning service will be 4 hours at most. Some cleaning service offer added-value and promotions where a full day charge could be RM60.

Number of Cleaners

-The number of cleaners is an important issue to consider. Some companies will tell you that their cleaning service is RM40 for half day but did not specify how many cleaners are involved. If they send 2 cleaners to your place, it means you have to pay RM80 which is RM40x2 (as there are 2 cleaners). This must first be agreed before the service starts.

Frequency Discount

Go for frequency discount. If you like the cleaning service provider, discuss for a discount or a package where they come to your place on a weekly or fortnightly basis.