Types of Grills

When it comes to grills, there are several types that are available in the market which are specially designed and catered for your home. Grills are most suitable for gates and in some cases as the divider between your house and your neighbours. There are in general 4 types of grills that you can install for your home.

Steel Grills

– This type of grill is known as wrought iron grills. Steel grills are popular mainly because they are very strong and very difficult to be removed. They are among the most popular types of grills that are in the market and come in many designs and styles. They are strong and solid and are used to provide better aesthetics for the home. As such, steel grills are commonly used as gates for both the front and back entrances of the home.

Aluminum Grills

– This is the type of grill which is very strong. They usually have high tensile strength and are very light when compared with other types of grills. Aluminum grills can be customized in terms of length and design and are non-corrosive. As such, this type of material is very suitable for use outdoors and as gates. Apart from that, aluminum grills are very strong and durable and can be used in all types of environments.

Iron Grills

– This is the type of grill which is commonly used on the inside of the home. Iron grills are known to be very strong, solid and durable. One setback about iron grills is that they tend to rust when exposed to water and air. Iron grills are not commonly used as gates and are more popular at the door leading into the house, between the porch and the gate. Comparatively, iron grills are a lot cheaper than all other types of grills.

Metal Grills

– Metal Grills are usually used for security. They are most commonly made using high grade material which makes them very strong and durable. Metal grills are usually hand-forged and looks a lot better than most type of other grills. Because of this, metal grills are adopted specifically for better security but is known to be slight more costly than others.