Top 9 most popular window designs

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Wallpapers are among the most popular types of wall coverings used in many homes today. The main reason why wallpapers are used is because they come in many types of designs and shapes. They can be changed easily and a lot tidier.

The market is filled with many brands and types of wall coverings that you can use around the home and any other locations you prefer, all of which have their own characteristics and purposes.

Printed wallpapers

– This is the most common types of wallpapers that you can find in the market. They are the most affordable and come in many different designs you can choose from.

Acoustical wall coverings

– This type of wall covering is commonly used and intended for vertical surfaces and panels. The primary reason for using this type of covering is when you need some form of sound reduction and is best used in offices and audio-rooms.

Fabric Vinyl

– This type of wall covering is made from woven substrate where it is laminated onto a solid vinyl surface which has designs. It is often divided between Type 1 and Type 2 vinyl intended for light and medium duties respectively and can be used in places that have high-traffic like porches, living rooms and corridors.

Natural Textile

– This is the type where the wall covering is laminated onto a backing which is usually made from acrylic or paper. Using natural fiber gives it stronger adhesiveness.

Paper Vinyl

– This wall covering is made from paper or pulp substrates. This makes it a bit more vulnerable as compared to other forms of wall covering.

Synthetic textile

– As opposed to Paper Vinyl wall covering, synthetic textile is a lot stronger. It is intended for better appearance while ensuring that it lasts longer. Synthetic textile wall covering is designed to withstand abrasion and stain and has high deszign value.

Wood Veneer

– As the name implies, wood veneer is a lot stronger and comes with great aesthetic value. It is laminated to fabric backing and provides a rustic look.

Unbacked fabric

– This type of wall covering is very difficult to work with because you will have to smooth out the fabric when you are applying to the surface while fine-tuning it once you are done.

Flocked wallpaper

– This type of wall covering is more traditional and is usually ornate.

Cork-faced wallpapers

– Usually ticker than most other types of wallpaper, the surface is made from cork. This type of wall covering is usually used to create a more woodsy effect which is commonly used in living rooms.