Top 6 tips for the Bathroom

One of the main factors of the bathroom is its functionality as all the objects in the room are meant for a specific purpose. A lot of thoughts however must be put into the design elements as this is a place where you do not want any stress. So what should you be aware of when you are designing the bathrooms? We list out the top design tips.

Beautiful Flooring

– This is one element that needs careful consideration. You must ensure that the flooring uses the right type of tiles and that they are durable in which it must be well-sealed. From there, you can avoid problems in the future like leakage and dirt getting trapped between the tiles.

Go for Elegance yet Simple

– Most people like to use standard sinks with aluminium basin or those who use standard cemented tables. If possible, you should go for the elegant fixtures of curved lines along the base of the sink because it gives your bathroom a lot more character.

Luxury Bathtub

– Before you install a bathtub, consider the size. Not everything that is big is good. Sit on it and see if it actually fits you. In most cases, the 60-inch tub is pretty much standard where you can enjoy a good dip after a long day of work. Sit in the tub and lie down if you must and see if it fits what you are looking for before you buy it.

Large Wall Mirrors

– The most functional types of mirror is those that come with a built-in cabinet. Then there are those that look like a ‘TIME’ front page of the magazine. When it comes to mirrors, invest into one which is durable and specially designed for the bathroom. Take note that mirrors for other places in the house is totally different from those that you place in the bath as they are more resistant against the humidity and wet conditions.

Space Management

– If you have space between the toilet seat and the wall, you could install a small cabinet to put extra shampoos or soaps. Apart from that, it could be the place to keep magazines and books that you like to read when you are ‘doing your business’.

Beautiful Lighting

– Most people assume that bright lighting is the perfect fixture for the bathroom. What you actually need is a functional light which is not too bright but good enough to see what you need to. Consider the use of LED downlights as they are cost-effective and energy efficient.