Top 5 Tips in Choosing an Interior Designer

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Choosing an interior designer is very much like letting someone decide the final outcome of your renovation. In a way, it is very daunting mainly because this person is one who will decide your living environment, one which you have to live in for many years (or decades) to come. As such, it is crucial to choose wisely or you might end up regretting each time you are at home which is not something really favourable. So, before you set out to find the best Interior Designer, what should you do?

Importance of Research

– This is one step that MUST be taken before any decisions are made. You should find out about the best Interior Designers in the market based on reputation, track record and reviews. The internet is filled with forums of who are the best and who are not. Find out about them, then ask around. Make sure that you are asking the right people. Your friends and families are the best people to start with. Remember, your interior designer is not a handyman.

Start Discussion

– Always start with a discussion. Top interior designers will start to charge you for consultancy when they start talking. You must be firm with what you are looking for and ensure that you are clear about the charges. If you have doubts on anything at all, ASK! If you do not ask, you cannot blame them for charging you. Always be aware that in whichever case, you are the client. Interior designers are NOT artists, they should do what you want, not what they think is right.

Saying NO

– Don’t be afraid to say no if there are things or services that you do not like. In any case, NEVER allow the interior designer the TOTAL FREEDOM to do anything they want. Tell them specifically what you are looking for and reject anything which you do not like. Do not give in to anything until you feel that the interior designer has got it right.

Cost Efficient

– Ultimately it is the cost of services that is most important. If it is out of your budget, then you might not want to engage an Interior Designer. You should embark in this project only if you can afford it. Remember that services charged by interior designers can be quite costly. If you are not sure whether you can foot the bill in the end, then you should get everything else done before even considering using an interior designer. Make sure that you have an itemized bill as well.