Top 5 Design Elements for Study Rooms

malaysia study room

The study room is one place in the home which is very focused. This is because it is a place where work is done and completed with the least distraction possible. It must be noted that when designing the study room, certain elements must be considered that include the spacing, wall colors and such. Below are some of the tips you should take note of.

Location Matters

– The ideal place to put the study room is in the most secluded area of the house. This is because you want the study room to be away from the distractions of the television, food and people who are chatting. This means that the study room should be somewhere between the bedroom and the store. In some homes, the study room can be in the basement or the top floor.

Pastel Colors

– Use warm colors for the walls. It would be most ideal to apply pastel colors on the walls of the study room. This is because studies have found that pastel colors will not cause the person to become sleepy too easily. Furthermore, pastel colors are brighter and warmer, providing the mind with better attentive span.

Warm white Lighting

– The best form of lighting used for the study room is to use the warm white lights. This is commonly used in offices which make it easy on the eyes and adopted for task lighting. As you will be using this space for reading and writing, you will need the best lighting shade which does not cast any shadows or other distractions. One of the recommendations is to use LED lighting as they do not consume as much electricity as compared to conventional lighting like fluorescent tubes.

Temperature and air quality

– Install a proper air-conditioning unit if you are in the tropical country like Malaysia. Regulate the air-conditioning temperature which is not too cold as it could make you sleepy very quickly. Meanwhile ensure that the room is cooled down before you start work or you will be spending too much time wiping off the sweat instead of doing some real work.

Work space layout

– Ergonomics is one of the main keys when it comes to a study room. If the room has a window, ensure that there are proper blinds or curtains so that there is no glare from the outside. This can cause problems with the eyes in the long term. The table should be placed at a corner with sufficient lighting but not too much glare. The chair should not be exposed to an empty space. There should be a table or a coffee desk at the centre of the room.