Top 10 LED Brands

malaysia top led brands

LED is fast becoming the most popular lighting technology in the world today. While most of the renowned lighting brands in the market have ventured into this technology, there have been many others which is made their mark in this sector. We compile the top 10 LED brands for you.

Philips LED Products

– Perhaps the most popular lighting brand in the world today, Philips offer a full range of LED lighting products that include bulbs, tubes and other components.

Cree Chips

– This brand is the leader in many technologies and platforms. It is headquartered in the US and has factories in China as well as in Penang in Malaysia. Cree mainly makes chips which are used by other manufacturers.

ASM Pacific Technology

– This Dutch company is one of the oldest and most established lighting brands in the world. ASM has a manufacturing plant in China and has one of the largest customer bases in the world.

Arciche Semiconductor

– The Korean manufacturer is known its Seoul Semiconductor-made products which are very popular in China and markets in SouthEast Asia.

Osram Lighting Supplier

– This German brand is known to be the largest lighting supplier in the world. It is the leader in more than 100 markets where its light bulbs and tubes have been used for generations. Today, Osram has moved into the LED market and is one of the leading brands in this segment.

Nichia Tubes

– This brand comes from Japan in Fukushima where it is known for its tubes. It has a strong brand presence, offering a wide range of products and components.

Epistar LED

– This company is established in Taiwan and remains as one of the largest LED component makers in the world. Epistar mainly makes chipsets for other manufacturers where it is used for several purposes. Epistar LED is the largest LED wafer maker in the world and remains as one of the top brands in LED lighting.

Everlight LED

– This company was established in Taipei and has been around for more than 20 years. It has grown from a small setup into a global LED player where the brand is now known throughout the world.

Rishang LED

– This China-based LED brand is the leader in many markets not only in China and Asia but in many parts of Europe as well. Rishang LED offers a wide range of LED lighting components, products and modules.

OPTILED Lighting International

– This company was founded in 2000 and is based in Hong Kong. The US-base company is known for its high quality LED lights which has a strong brand presence across Asia and other continents.