Bathroom and restrooms

Bathroom and restrooms

The toilet is a functional room in the house which must be given a lot of emphasis. Many people overlook this because they felt that the toilet is made only to serve its purpose. However, recent studies have shown that the toilet has quite a strong psychological effect on the person because it is the place to start the day and perhaps to end the day as well.

In most homes today, toilets and restrooms are attached together with the bathroom. This is where most of the ‘wet’ activities take place with all the functional equipment like the sink, bathtub, toilet bowl and such are located.

Size of the toilet is very important

The size of the toilet should be as large as possible. If the bathroom and the toilet are attached together, it would be best to have a large space to accommodate them. This is because by having a large toilet, you can move around more which will then make it more comfortable. After all, you would want a truly relaxing session in your own private space after a hard day’s work. On top of that, a narrow toilet would not be ideal ways to start the day where you will be visiting the minute you wake up.

Make it simple and functional

The design of the toilet should be simple and functional. Avoid having too many gadgets or objects in this room. There should be a waterproof socket located on the side of the mirror for hairdryers and shavers while a dustbin is always handy.

The safest design for toilet ware like the sink and the toilet bowl would be to use the conventional white, porcelain ware. This is because they are never out of time and very functional. Colored glass or stainless steel fittings would look good for a start but would go out of fashion in the future.

Good Flushing system

Ensure that you invest in a good flushing system which can function for a long time. One which breaks down frequently would be troublesome as it will require repairs and additional costs. You should consider using those that come in single, half or quarter flush capacities because they are more environmental-friendly and helps to save water.