Shop renovation

Renovation for commercial spaces requires a lot of planning and budgeting. When it comes to renovation, a lot of consideration must be put in what type of fittings you want to use, the type of spaces available and the designing of the layout, among many other factors. Unlike private spaces like homes and apartments, renovating a commercial space involve certain additional factors like approval especially if you are planning any sort of extension while the Fire Department needs to audit before allowing you to operate for safety reasons.

Types of space

The first factor that must be considered is the type of space that you are going to renovate. When it comes to commercial locations, it can be a retail outlet, a fashion boutique, a food court or even a normal office where each configuration will require different types of renovation ideas.

If you are a retail outlet, the best way is to maximize the space as you want to place racks for display and such. This can be applied to shops that sell products like clothes, gadgets and others. Meanwhile, if you are a retail outlet that offers services like salons then you need to plan the furniture like stools and mirrors.

For offices, fully utilizing the space would mean ensuring that there are ample place for every employee to have a comfortable office where you need to ensure that each individual space is about the same size among each other.

Approvals and licensing

As mentioned, there are certain regulations that you must follow if you are renovating a commercial space and this includes licensing from the local municipal councils as well as the Fire Department. The local councils will need to be aware of any extensions or major changes to your space while the Fire Department need to be aware in terms of safety concerns.

Different Styles

Renovating a commercial space will go along different styles and motifs. Depending on the type of business you are running, this will determine the outcome of your design. If your outlet is a mamak store, chances are you will use a more comfortable design with common hawker style chairs. However, if your outlet offers fine Chinese dining, oriental design and Chinese antiques could be your choice for decoration with a contemporary color scheme.

Electrical concerns

As with any form of businesses, costing is an important factor. This is where you have to consider using the most practical technology when it comes to electricity. Where this is concerned, using LED (Light-emitting Diode) lights will be the best option because this technology provides you with at least 50% savings for lighting and very good return-on-investment. LED lights are designed to last longer than conventional lighting while supplying better quality and more energy efficient illumination.

Other issues

When renovating your shop, you should apply the 3-phase electrical power supply because it is among the most efficient and popular. You have to look into the entire electrical and wiring systems of your shop as it will determine your monthly overheads.

Meanwhile, consider the use of air-conditioning systems where you should use those with smart sensors. This is because you will find that LED lights emit lesser heat which will require less work from the air-conditioning systems and in the long run help you to save on bills.

Another factor that you can consider is in Feng Shui. Contrary to some beliefs, Feng Shui is not superstition but is a discipline that helps in maintaining the balance of energy in your space. Engage an expert in Feng Shui when renovating your shop so that it invites positive energy in and in the long run help your business to grow and flourish.