Renovation Tips

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Renovating can be expensive and troublesome. But if your house is worn out, dirty and smelly, then it is definitely time to restore and lighten up the space. When you revamp your house, what comes first? Here are some handy and practical tips to guide you in your renovation project to increase the value of your house. While the task of revamping your house can be inconvenient and time consuming, you can actually turn it into a fun project to work with.

Instead of splurging to hire contractor or renovation expert, why not do it yourself? You may begin with some simple tasks before moving on to complicated and difficult projects. Here are some tips to improve your house.

Keep everything simple and functional

The best approach to restore the house is to keep it simple. Cluttering the house with various ornaments, collections or antiques is a turn-off. Before renovating the house, come up with a theme and pick only decorations that go with it. Focus on the theme when selecting furniture and eliminate unnecessary objects.

To give your house a new and classy look, change the wall colours. Instead of getting the low quality paint, spend a little extra to get the expensive ones as it lasts longer. Use only a roller or beveled trim brush to paint larger wall areas. If you are using a roller, grip the handle with the entire hand to let it span the width of your palm while painting a large and flat surface. However, if you are using a beveled trim brush, hold the handle with the thumb and the first two fingers to enable you to control it easily.

Plan and research before hiring a contractor or designer

Painting the walls or choosing ornaments to decorate your house are some simple tasks that does not require much planning and contractor’s assistance. However, if you attempt to renovate the whole house, plan it accordingly and consider it a few times before calling in renovation experts.

For example, changing the windows to French doors to allow more light into the house. Of course, it is important to ensure that there is glimmering light throughout the house. But it can be expensive to change all the windows to French doors. Therefore, it is advisable to think twice before executing or calling in contractors.

According to Feng Shui, it is crucial to have a good flow of water inside the house. Check for any leaky or broken faucets in the house. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the plumber and get it fix before the matter gets out of hand.

Hire a professional contractor for major project

Mentioned above are only small-scale renovation projects. For those who would like to ‘upgrade’ their house and turn it into a classy and sophisticated home, maybe you should go for demolition and structural carpentry. Therefore, it is now time to call in contractors and renovation experts.

Depending on your choice, you can choose to demolish part of the areas and restore it. Or perhaps, you can contact renovation experts to express your wishes such as moving the walls or constructing new walls and partition in certain areas. As suggested above, you can change the windows to French doors. But for those who prefer to keep the windows, you may enlarge the window openings to allow more light throughout the house.

And you might very well remodel your kitchen to match the new look. It is recommended to install new counter-tops, cupboard, appliances, cabinet hardware and a hood vent system. Make sure you do some research and compare the prices of these furniture before deciding what to purchase.

If you have chosen to demolish part of the house and get it renovated for a new look, why not install the flooring and put up new wallpaper throughout the house as well? But make sure you consider thoroughly before choosing vinyl style, linoleum, laminate, ceramic or hardwood flooring.

On another note, when choosing the right wallpaper for the house, make sure it goes with your theme. You can have different themes throughout the house but the point is to pick ideal wallpaper that matches the theme of a particular room.

When you are finally done in demolishing and rebuilding parts of the house, consider other options available. Remember, you can have other auxiliary projects such as installing a new swimming pool or garage but keep to your budget.

Finally, a reminder for all who are indeed looking forward for renovation projects – go for updated look instead of trendy style. For example, if you intend to restore kitchen and bathrooms, of course it is safer to pick updated style so that it comes together with modern appeal. Your house can be trendy by adding few ornaments or furnishings to touch up the design.

Apply for permit from authority

Some last words before you embark on your project to renovate the house – if you are renovating your apartment or condominium, remember to apply for all necessary permits prior to the construction. Discuss with your contractor or renovation expert to have an meticulously drawn design plan before starting the project. Note: Do not start your renovation work before you receive any approval letter from the authority(DBKL, MBPJ, MPSJ, etc). An architect drawing is required for official submission. Remember to check with them whether you can start the work because they have ‘spies’ everywhere. You will be prone to getting a summon if you start the work before the permit is approved.

Most importantly, stick to your budget and if possible, allocate some for emergency funds. If your project includes house demolition, locate a temporary housing even before the construction begins. Rent it a little longer in case some emergency issues pop out during the process of house restoration. During the construction phase, do not hesitate to drop by anytime and inspect their work to ensure it is up to par.