Natural Stones – Marble and Granite

malaysia marble vs granite

When it comes to surfaces using natural stones, there are 2 main types that you might want to consider which are marble and granite stones. The 2 types of stones are very common which usually depends on what you want out of the space you are working on. Another aspect that needs to be considered is whether how much pressure you will be applying onto the surface.

Marble Stone

– This type of stone is known for its elegance which often exudes luxury for the space concerned. Marbles are known to last for a long time and can be used at all types of places that include bathrooms, walls and general flooring. This type of natural stone however is however not recommended for kitchens as they are known to staining.

Granite Stone

– This type of stone is a lot more durable and in some ways more practical. Granite stone comes from molten magma where it is more abrasion resistant and is easier to maintain as compared to marbles. They are stronger and are more stain-resistant which can be ideal for places where there are high traffic.

Aesthetics of the stones

In terms of their appearance, granite and marble stones can be easily distinguished. Granite usually comes in many shades and can even have blending qualities. Meanwhile, marble are more rigid in this sense where it usually comes only in solid colors of a single monotone. Granite stones are usually available in a variety of colors and shades while marbles are the opposite.

Characteristics of Marble and Granite

– Both types of natural stones are porous where marbles are known to stain if they are not wiped off immediately. However, between the two, stains are known to be more susceptible on marbles as compared to granite. In terms of durability, granite is more durable.

Application of Marble and Granite

– Marble natural stones would be most ideally used for bathrooms and places which do not have high traffic. As such, they are usually applied on flooring of showers and toilets while granite is known to be able to withstand locations with high traffic like the front porch and living room.

Maintenance of Marble and Granite

– Both types of stones are known to portray elegance and luxury. As such, maintenance can be quite tedious. As they are both porous, granite and marble stones will absorb liquids from spills that occur. Maintaining the stones will involve using sealants and resealing efforts. In fact, it has been recommended that resealing on marble should be carried out twice a year in order for the stone to stay shiny and smooth.