Lighting guide

Lighting guide

Lighting in the home is an important factor. Using the wrong lighting would mean discomfort in dining, living and ultimately resting. Therefore, using the right and appropriate types of lighting within your homes would be something that you must take into consideration strongly especially if you are in the planning stages of your renovation.

Cost efficient

The most common and perhaps easiest way out of this is to engage an electrician and let him plan everything for you. You can give the instructions to use affordable modules which mean fluorescent and incandescent lamps because they are cheap and easily available.

Here, it would be best to consider using LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light bulbs. This is because although they are slightly costlier than traditional bulbs, they are much better investments because they last longer and are more cost-effective.

LED Benefits

Using LED for lighting gives you a lot of advantages. The most obvious one would be savings on electricity bills. You might be paying slightly more at the initial stage but after that, you will find that using LED lights would let you enjoy up to 80% on bills.

This is because LED lights consumer lesser energy as compared to conventional lights. They are more efficient and do not waste on energy. Unlike incandescent light bulbs where they only use 5% of the energy for illumination while the rest are used to heat up the filament.

LEDs are able to produce better lighting which is more even and constant. This is because they do not use any type of gas to produce the light.

By emitting lesser heat, you will enjoy more savings in electricity because you will not need to use the air-conditioning as much anymore especially in Malaysia because the air-conditioning systems are known to be one of the highest in terms of electricity consumption.

Apart from that, LED lights can be used in almost every type of Malaysian home devices. It would be most ideal to use LED from the start so that you will not need to make any replacement of old parts. By purchasing modules that are designed to operate LEDs, you will have the peace of mind in the long term.

This is because apart from the fact that LEDs save electricity, they are designed to operate for a longer time as compared to any other types of lighting. In fact, LEDs are able to last up to 8 times as compared to conventional lighting modules. LEDs can be used in places with unusual shapes and sizes and are ideal for table lamps, display boxes and ceilings as well.