Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

When renovating the kitchen, you must be aware of certain issues and fittings that need extra attention. This is because the kitchen is an important area of the home for you and your family. The kitchen is the place where food is prepared and kept.

Here is where all the cooking equipment, utensils, refrigerator, cutleries and others are stored. In many modern homes today, the dining space is located within the kitchen so that it is more convenient with easier access. Only in larger homes are the kitchen and dining rooms separated.

Floor tiles

For the flooring, slippery tiles must be avoided at all costs. This is because it is very common for water or oil to drip on the floor around the kitchen. By using slippery tiles, it would cause a hazard especially if your home has kids. Furthermore, you want to avoid slipping while cooking or when you are holding something hot on your hands.

Safe Design

In terms of design, a contemporary one would be best but those that are too futuristic or modernistic looking might be outdated in the near future. Hence, the safest design to adopt is by using the English design that includes an island. This is a block which is built in the middle of the kitchen which forms the focal point of what you do around this space.


With an island, you have a port to place all the important utensils and those that are most frequently used. You will find that the island is a handy thing to have in the kitchen because you will be around it most of the time, especially when you are cooking. You can prepare your ingredients on the island, make coffee and even have a snack or two.

Water and sink

In terms of water, ensure that you have a large and deep sink which is equipped with water filter. This can be very helpful especially if you plan to cook all the time. Ensure that the sink is near to the cooking area. Another factor that must be considered is electricity. Many designers often forget that having enough electric sockets can be very important.

You will need sockets for the rice cooker, the water kettle, coffee maker, and microwave and even for a radio player. At times, you might be spending so much time in the kitchen that you might need to charge your mobile phone there. Hence, having ample units of wall sockets at convenient locations would be very useful.