Guide to auto gate systems

auto gate systems

An auto-gate system would be something vital especially if you are living in a landed property with your own porch. This is because there can be some benefits and added security for you and your home in many ways. Auto-gates are generally wired systems that are designed to provide you with the convenience of opening and closing the gates without having to do it physically.

Auto-Gate Benefits

The use of auto-gates can be very advantages. Convenience would be the most evident factor as you need not have to leave the car to open or close the gate and can do so only by pressing on the remote control. Apart from that, auto-gates would be very handy especially under extreme weather conditions like heat and rain.

Safety is another main factor. When you use auto-gate, you avoid the risks of being robbed as you will not be leaving the car. Should there be any threats, you can drive away quickly. This is because a lot of burglars wait at the gate and when the driver leaves the vehicle to open the gate, they will attack.

Types of auto-gate systems

Most common types of auto-gates are those that are wired to the switch inside the house and can be activated by the remote control. In terms of design, the most common types are those that use the current type of gates and automate them.

This means that if your gates are those that open up from the center, you need not make any major changes to it. This is sometimes known as the arm-type.

An alternative to this is the sliding or flipping door version. How this works is that the gate is changed into one that can be flipped. Such auto-gates are more convenient and save space in many ways.

Which one to choose?

With so many different types of auto-gate systems in the market, which one would be most ideal? It depends on what your requirements are but the most important factor which you should consider is to engage a good brand. This is because the auto-gate is a system that would be costly if repairs are needed.

If you do not use a good brand, you might one where there ‘arm’ might not last long. Such brands are usually cheaper but the future consequences could be more costly. Furthermore, cabling of the auto-gate must be taken into consideration. Any future repairs would require you to tear down the layer that connects the gate with the switch, which would surely be quite expensive.

Three Important Criteria In Selecting Automatic Gates

As the world evolves, the technology does too. Gates for example has evolved from manual to automatic. In fact, in recent times, it can be seen that most people are using automatic gates and have virtually replaced the conventional ones. The value of this change is quiet simple; people nowadays are becoming more and more aware of bad propaganda of some people involving their homes. Security becomes the major reason why people are switching from manual to automatic gates aside from the bold fact that it is relatively convenient.

Furthermore, since automatic gates are becoming popular in today’s generation, many manufacturers and dealers of these automatic gate products made it affordable to everyone who would like to try it for themselves. And since the demand is high, manufacturers are beginning to create and build different types of automatic gates to better keep up to the individual needs of the customers. Since there are so many options that you can find in the market today, it would help to know these three important criteria in selecting automatic gates.

Understand the difference between swing and sliding gate

Basically, swing gate model have side hinges purposely to open the gate on the side. This type of gate is appropriate for flat areas or areas with minor slope. On that note, you may want to avoid getting this gate model if the slope is just too steep as it won’t let the door open fully with the slope blocking it. It is also important to note that swing type gate would require enough free space to allow easy and unobstructed opening of each panel. Therefore, if you own large properties with sufficient terrain area, the swing gate is a very good choice for you.

Sliding gates on the other hand are pretty versatile. Since it is designed in a way where opening would just require free space on the other side of the sliding gate for it to slide freely, it is recommended to be used on small properties as it doesn’t require spacious surrounding area. What is good about sliding gates is that it can be used on properties with flat or sloping terrain. It can be opened sideways and therefore can work perfectly well even on slope terrain. However, it is not originally beautiful and elegant looking compared to its counterpart but it can be modified and custom designed according to the user’s preferences.

 Understanding the operating system

Automatic gate has two major types of operating system, the hydraulic and the electromechanical system. Hydraulic system is considered as more advance compared to the electromechanical system. Thus, this type of system is much more expensive. Hydraulic system provides quiet operation and its durability is high. It has also better resilience to wind and other harmful elements making it stand longer than its counterpart. However, despite its obvious advantage over electromechanical system, the latter is still the usual choice for many home and commercial owners because of its affordable price that also comes with a reliable operation.

Understanding the various types of access control

There are many different sorts of access control features that can be added however, the wireless transmitter and remote control is required for the modern autogate system. In addition, you have the option to add and install wired or wireless keypad to apply access code. Voice intercoms can be a great added feature as well and it is considered very essential. If you want more security, you may opt to add video intercom system to complete the security package.

Now that you know the three major criteria to consider in selecting automatic gate it is good to note that autogates are built following certain level of strict safety standards. However, it will not just end by knowing it but rather it is important that you recognize it and evaluate the safety features yourself considering of course the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the product.