Flooring Tips

Flooring Tips

The floor is an important element in the home. Whether it is a single or double-storey home, the floors must be carefully designed as it will determine how functional the home would be in the long term. Floors can be the ground on the first floor as well as the platform that holds the upper floors. Depending on the overall structure of the home, the material used to build these structures will ultimately govern how comfortable the house will be.

Types of flooring

In a landed property, the ground floor will usually be made of cement or hard concrete. In most cases, a lot of home owner like to place a layer of marble over it because they have the aesthetics while being very functional. Other types of flooring that are used on the ground floor include tiles as well.

Meanwhile, for the upper floors, it is advisable to use hardwood because it is more economical and practical. While there are usually concrete floors even on the upper floors, a lot of homeowners today like to use hardwood layers as they are easy to clean and maintain. Another aspect of using wood flooring is that they can be removed and changed when needed.

It must be noted that the flooring that you use is something that you do once in a very long time. It is not often that flooring is changed because it would mean having to remove everything in the home before renovation can begin. Hence, once you decide on what to install, it will be finalized for many years to come.

Moving in

When it comes to flooring, one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration is on the preparation. If you are using marble floors, you must ensure that they are polished before you physically move in. This must be done once the renovations are over where the dust must be swept away and when there is no furniture yet.

Once you have moved the furniture in, polishing the marbles on the flooring would no longer be possible as there are too many edges and it can be very messy.