Electricity and wiring

Electricity and wiring

The wiring system in your home is something that you need to consider from the start. This is a factor that must be planned and executed well before you move into the home because it is something that you do once in a very long time. Electricity is the current that you use to power up all the appliances and equipment in the home and if you have a problem, it might be very troublesome later. So what should you do when you are planning the wiring of your electricity current in your home?

Efficient Design

The first thing that you should do is to design the wiring system. You will need an experienced electrician to help you with this because you must decide what goes where. Take note that the more plugs you intend to have the more current you will be using which will translate to higher electricity bills.

You have to design into the future because expansion could be quite troublesome. When you plan the sockets and the plugs, you have to think about what the future of a specific space would be used for, then you will have a picture of how many units you will need.

Proper Installation of Sockets

Sockets are something that must be installed at almost every wall of your home. In the planning stage, you have to decide what sockets are to be installed at which part of the house. The kitchens might be places where you need to have sockets at locations where the rice cooker and microwave will be located. In rooms, you might need more than 2 sockets.

CAT 1 cables or twisted pair cables might not be as popular today as homes might not be using such phone lines for internet access. These days, wireless internet is easily available without the need to connect to phone cables.

Follow Recommendations

Always apply for 3 phase electric power beforehand and have the wireman use thicker and better quality cables. You must always remember that the wiring system is something that you cannot physically reach so if there is a problem in the future, you will need to get the experts to solve the problem.

You must ensure that all the sockets and the electrical points in the home have enough earth channels. The rule of thumb is to have one earth cable from the main point connected to each socket. Some unscrupulous wiring personnel might share the earth connection and if that happens, you will surely face problems later. This is because if one of the sockets trip, the entire area will be affected at the same time.