Do You Need a Home Water Filter?

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Brands like Coway, Diamond and NESH provide water filtration for your home. Over the years, these brands have been quite convincing in every possible way to get homeowners to install water filters for cooking and consumption.

You would have noticed that most homes today have a filter system particularly in the kitchen. For those who can afford, they install large filters outside their homes where the main water inlet is. However, it is still being debated as to whether home water filter is a necessity. If everyone uses water filters, does it mean that the water supply from the government is not safe?

It must be noted that despite all the efforts put in place to ensure water is safe, there are several factors that you must consider that can determine if you need a water filter system.

Source of Water

– The best way to find out whether the water is safe is to find out where it is coming from. Some water sources are known to be not as hygienic as others as they are old and has been operated for years. As a consumer, you can always check on the maintenance and operations at these plants.

Water Supply Piping

– This is one factor which can be hard to ascertain. You can assume that pipes will wear off after many years of operation. Bacteria and germs could accumulate within the pipes that you cannot see before it gets to your house.

Environment Effect on Water

– The water filtration and treatment at the source might be very good and efficient. However, between the source and your home, the water is exposed to the environment which can be polluted and contain micro-organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

As such, having a water filtration system before it gets into your home would be a viable choice because you do not want to use any contaminated water, or take the risk of using them. Be fully aware that if the water contains germs or bacteria it could even cause skin irritation even if you are not drinking it. When looking for a water filter system, you should consider the following:

Good Reputation

– The renowned and established brands would be your safest bet.

Cost Efficient

– There are many brands out there that offer different types of packages. Shop around and make comparisons. Some allow you to pay in installments while others offer a leasing-type of contract where you pay a monthly commitment fee.

Water Filter Installation

– Ensure that the installation of the filter is as unobtrusive as possible as you do not want the device to get in the way of your everyday routine.