Designing a Child-Safe home

malaysia child proof

Designing a house which is cozy and homely can be very subjective and it depends largely on your preference and personality. However, if you have children in the house, then there are certain issues that you need to be aware of before you start renovation.

Cabling Standards

– The ideal way to do this is to conceal all cabling. However, this might not always be possible as most of the appliances like laptops and phone chargers always have cables lying around. Therefore, it is very important that these chargers are kept away and if possible hidden away from sight. Toddlers and infants are known to like to bite the cables and if they are live, then it could be very dangerous.

Sockets Positioning

– If you are embarking into a renovation process, then you should plan the sockets to be placed higher above the ground which cannot be reached by babies. Unless necessary, place them closer below but hide them behind the couch or a cabinet so that they are not always within reach for the toddler. If that Is not possible, then use socket protectors.

Beware of Edges

– For homes with a lot of tables, there are always sharp edges on four sides. If you have coffee tables which are below the knees, then table edge guards will be compulsory. You do not want the child to suffer a fall and knock onto the edge of the table. It might look strange but if safety for your child is your main concern, then this is something you must do.

Water areas

– In every sense, water areas should be kept away from electrical appliances. You do not want your child to play with water near to a wire or a socket point.

Baby Gate for Stairs

– If you have staircases, then you must install barricades on both ends to avoid situations where the child might fall down the stairs.