Curtains or Blinds?

The issue of whether you should use curtains or blinds is one which can be very tricky. This is because once you have decided which type to use; it will eventually determine the type of fittings that you will install onto the windows and sliding doors of your home. Besides that, installing the curtain or blind fixture is often something you do once in a long time as it can be quite costly to change them once they are mounted.

Beautiful Design

– The first factor that you should consider is to look at the overall design of the space. This is where it actually enhances the ambience of the space. It has often been perceived that the curtain or blind actually completes the room in terms of design, so you need to choose wisely.

Functionality of Curtains and Blinds

– If you are going for practicality, then blinds would be most suitable as it is easy to retract when not needed. Curtains are more suitable for those who do not retract or keep them. In fact, curtains are usually left ‘as it is’ because it is part of the aesthetics of the room.

Curtains Decorative

– When it comes to curtains, most homes use this as there are more decorative elements to it. It can be changed from one color or design to another to reflect the overall ambience of the room. Some homes like to have a standard set of curtains for every room, window and sliding door for uniformity and consistency.

Protection from Sunlight

– Curtains are great for protection against direct sunlight and glare. This is to protect the people inside the room as well as soft furnishings or paintings that can damage over time from direct sunlight.

Control Temperature

– Curtains are known to keep the room temperature at a consistent level internally whether it is against cold or heat.

Blinds Details

On the other hand, blinds have their own set of features.

Functionality of Blinds

– It is easy to use and operate. Blinds can be easily installed without having to measure the exact size of the frame as they can be retracted when there are excess.

Beautiful Blind Design

– Blinds are known to provide the room with a sense of contemporary outlook. They come in many types and operate differently as compared to curtains.

Cost Efficient

– Unlike curtains, blinds are cheaper as they do not need to be changed occasionally. In fact, when you install blinds, chances are you will only do it once and change it after a long period of time or when it starts to deteriorate due to wear-and-tear.