How to choose the right contractor

right contractor

So, you are planning to renovate your space and you want to do this by selecting the best contractor. How then should you start? In most cases, people who are planning their renovation will appoint a contractor based on word of mouth and from people they know.

However, not everyone is as fortunate who has a contractor they can trust. So what should you look for if you want to appoint a contractor? Below are some of the pointers.

Confirm his Expertise before making any decision

Every contractor is an expert in some area. They can be experts in tiling, marbling, kitchen cabinets, toilet and drainage, electricity and wiring and such. It would be best to know what the contractor specializes in before appointing them. In most cases, they will have the tools to prove their claims. Never believe one who tells you he can do ‘everything’.

Check the contractor’s past records

Before appointing the contractor, check and see what they have previously worked on. Ask them about their past projects and if possible visit the locations to evaluate their work.

Professionalism matters

Contractors should be professional enough to let you decide on what you want. They should not try and push every idea to you. They should allow you to buy your own material like cement, bricks, wood and tiles because their job is to get the fittings done. Contractors who insist on buying all the materials are usually those who want to earn more from you.

Finalize Costing before awarding him the job

Contractors will know that you have a budget to work with. Ensure that all the costing and pricing are finalized before starting work. If they keep over-quoting you, choose another contractor. Choosing the wrong contractor can be disaster, so always ask for recommendations from friends and relatives or search in our renovation forum.

Confirm the Time frame of the job

Find a contractor who agrees to your timeline as long as they are not too demanding. If they cannot complete it on time, they will tell you beforehand and not make any empty promises and mislead you in terms of the schedule.