Checklist for Kitchen Renovation

malaysia kitchen renovation

If you are planning to give your kitchen a makeover, there are several issues that you need to deal with and that includes where to place the sink, the faucet, kitchen cabinets and others. To ensure that you do not make a decision that you could regret later, make sure you have the following checklist well thought out before designing and carrying out of any renovation works.

Consider the Size

– You need to first consider the size of your kitchen before deciding what to do. If it is quite large, having an island (or salad bar) would be appropriate. The dining table can be placed further from the cooking area.

Fancy Kitchen Furniture

– Installing kitchen cabinets is the most popular option today because they save space and can be used for a long time. In most cases, the kitchen cabinet will be placed around the sink and washing area.

Faucet and washing area

– The rule of thumb is that the sink should face the outside with a window above it. Issues that need to be addressed here include the size of the sink, the type of faucet to be used and how to channel the water away from the kitchen so that there will be no stench.

Ample Lighting

– Having ample lighting in the kitchen is important. This is where you should consider using LED lights as they are more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Good lighting is necessary for the cooking area.

Electrical Appliances

– This includes the refrigerator, oven, stove and very importantly, the exhaust fan. You need to take note of where to place these items in order not to be obstructive and functional. In Malaysia, a space allocated for the gas tank(s) would be necessary.

Wiring Standard

– Before renovation, you will need to draw out the cabling and wiring plan for the space. You must ensure that you have ample plug points around the cooking areas for boiling water, the rice cooker and slow cooker where necessary. Apart from that, a plug point around the dining table would be good as well.

Design and Architecture

– The overall design of the kitchen will need to coincide with the outlook of the home. As such, you will have to decide on the type of flooring or tiles to use. In kitchens, it would be best to use tiles that can be cleaned easily as you will need to contend with spills and stains. From there, you can decide on the color of the walls and other fixtures like fans, air-conditioning and lighting.