Renovating the home can be a great joy if you have a specific design in mind. Whether it is the bedroom or the kitchen, the porch or the backyard, careful planning and using of good material must be taken into consideration.

One of the challenges in home renovation is in the ceilings. This is because the ceilings play important roles in the house as functional spaces for wires and cables, lighting and fans while providing the aesthetical elements of the home.

ceiling Design

In designing the ceilings, a lot of emphasis must be put on the color and type of ceilings. The most common ones are the white plaster boards that are tiled nicely, encapsulating any wiring behind them. This is the simplest and perhaps most economical ways for ceilings.

For those who are in for more sophistication, plaster ceilings could be installed. This would be something that needs to be carefully planned. The rule of thumb is that if you are going to install plaster ceilings, you will need to do so for most of the major spaces in the house that includes the kitchen, bedrooms and the living room for consistency.

Proper Wiring

One thing for sure, you will install the plaster ceilings once for a long period of time. After the fittings are in, electrical modules like lights and fans will be installed where the wires are concealed underneath the plaster. This means that there should not be any problems with the wiring later as it would mean having to detach the plaster that will result in additional costs.

Wiring is always a constant issue for plaster ceilings because it will require a lot of expertise. The best thing to do first is to have a wireman draw up a wiring-map or blueprint before installing the plaster ceiling. This will be the reference guide if any problems happen later.

Ensure that the wires used to connect the appliances with the sockets are of the best quality against wear and tear. There must be no short-cuts or using of less than favorable material because any trouble that surfaces later will incur a lot of problems and cost.