Ceiling Building Materials

malaysia plater ceiling

Many people are not aware that the ceiling in the home is actually an important element which can create the right environment and outlook for the space. Most will usually decorate the rooms and the floors but the ceiling actually plays an important role as it gives character to the house. It affects the look and feel of the space, while having specific functions as well. Below are some of the common types of materials used for ceilings.

Plasterboard Ceiling

Plasterboard is among the most common and popular types of material used for ceilings. This is because it is easy to install and affordable. They allow a lot of customization especially when the home requires different types of lighting fixtures. Furthermore, plasterboards can be easily mounted with screws and bolts where needed as the surface are quite soft.

Wood Board Ceiling

Some ceilings use wooden boards. It is commonly used especially when it is part of the general structure of the building. Apart from that, there are situations where the ceiling is made up of decorative planks which actually cover a concrete layer over it. Wood is a common material used for ceilings with decorative molding while some are used to provide a better outlook on an otherwise bland design.

Plaster Ceilings

This is among the most popular type of material used to cover the ceiling in a lot of homes around the world today. Plaster ceilings have been used for centuries and is common mainly because it is easy to maintain, affordable and very versatile. In plaster ceilings, several layers of plaster paste are being applied over another layer, usually made from wood or other harder material. The plaster can then be molded into many types of attractive design which can then be fitted with lighting fixtures or painted in another color.

Tiles Ceilings

Tiles are commonly used for flooring but it has been used for the ceiling as well. Tiles that are specifically meant for the ceiling are a lot lighter and is usually made from materials like fiberglass, wood fiber and plastic. The ceiling tiles are commonly adopts in suspended ceilings as well as for sound acoustic purposes.

Metal or Steel Ceilings

This material is used mainly in drop ceiling layouts. It is best used to hide features that are unattractive like pipes or wiring on the ceiling as well as the supporting structure of a plaster ceiling layer.

uPVC Ceiling

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Choride which is often associated with plastic while uPVC stands for unplasticised Polyvinyl Choride and is a type of material commonly used for ceilings as they do not rot and remains strong in all types of environments, temperature and situations. As such, uPVC can be an ideal material for ceilings as they can be customized in terms of shape and are known to be very durable.