Car Porch Renovation tips

Car porch Renovation

Landed homes have one advantage against condominiums and apartments where they usually come with their own individual car porch. In most cases, the car porch is located at the front of the house between the gate and the door into the home.

Depending on the size and location of the house, the car porch will vary in sizes in which there are some which can fit 3 or more vehicles while the most common ones can fit 2 vehicles comfortably. This usually refers to the terrace or semi-detached homes while bungalows and single unit houses would surely have larger front porches that can accommodate multiple vehicles. Such houses usually consist of 2 gates that can ease the traffic in and out of the porch.

Car Porch Design and Layout

The design of the car porch is very important because it provides the first impression for visitors to the home as well as for parking of the vehicles. Where this is concerned, the design should be simplistic and modern while offering functionality as well. A simple design here means that it should be very spacious because it will enable easier parking for cars.

Space Constraint

Most front porches today have a beam which is used to support the roof in front. This beam should be removed if possible as it will free up a lot more spaces on the front porch. However, this is not always possible unless a major reconstruction is carried out but if the beam can be removed, then it will provide the vehicle with more access and parking space. In fact, without the beam, a space that usually accommodates 2 vehicles could well fit in 3.

Gate Placement and Size

Where possible, an extra-large gate would be desirable as this will surely enhance the entire and overall outlook of the front porch. To install a larger gate than the usual type, you might need to consider breaking down the front walls which are usually on the side of the gate. Only in this way would you be able to fit a gate which is large enough for 2 or 3 vehicles to move in and out of the home.