Advice on hiring movers

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If you are planning to move, there will be many issues that you need to consider. The biggest headache would be how you are going to move the bulky items and who should you ask to help. Finding a good mover can be very challenging because if you are not careful, you might be paying a lot more than you planned.

Ask around

– Before you decide on who to be your official mover, ask around for help. There will surely be someone who has hired a mover before and get them to give you the honest opinion about them. You can find a lot of movers online or in the Yellow Pages and if there is anyone you know who have engaged those you shortlisted, get their recommendations. If they have a bad experience, move on to others.

Find renowned movers

– If you have shortlisted a few movers, check about their profiles. The best practice is to use movers that are renowned and established. If you have doubts, carry out a background check. The last thing you want is to have a mover whom you cannot trust.

Don’t take estimates

– You will be very concerned about the cost, so you might be tempted to ask for an ‘estimate’ from the mover. Get the mover to look at your place first and then a quotation will be viable. This is different from an estimate which is usually a ballpark figure. A quotation is almost definite.

Get a few quotations

– Ideally, you should have a few quotations from different movers. But that might take a lot of time. If you can afford the time and space, then this would be the best situation. When the mover’s estimator comes around, ensure that you have a list of items you want to be moved and you need to show them so that you have a clear picture of the cost involved.

At this stage, you will have more or less decided on which mover to engage. Now you have to get the details right. The mover must give you all the information you need that include the driver’s name, registration number, Identity Card number and so on, all of which you will need when you actually move.

Ensure that if you have equipment that needs special attention like a piano, you will need a special mover or a mover with experience in these areas. This is because although a piano is quite symmetrically shaped, moving it requires a few people and takes special skills, especially if you are moving from a top floor down and into the truck.