6 Types of Interior Wall Paints

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Painting the walls of your home can be very challenging and is something which require a lot of planning. Making the wrong decision would mean incurring more cost in the future as it would mean repairs and damage control. There are 6 main types of interior wall paints that you can decide on before venturing into your home’s makeover.

Matte Finish

– This is known as flat finish or just wall paints. It creates a matte-type of effect on the surface and is most suitable for walls inside the house. Matte Finish paints are very useful if you want to cover cracks or any sort of imperfection on the wall. As it does not reflect light, all the imperfections can be covered very clearly.

Flat Enamel

– This type of paint is very suitable for halls because it does not need to be cleaned all the time. It creates a matte finish effect on the wall.

Eggshell Finish

– This is the type of paint which you can use to create a flat finish effect which is very much how the low sheen of the egg shell looks like.


– Semi-Gloss paints are very commonly used for doors. Apart from that, this type of paint is very popular for kitchen cabinets and bathrooms as well mainly because it creates a subtle type of shine to the surface.

Satin Finish

– If you are looking for a smooth and velvety look to the surface, Satin Finish paints would be most ideal. It is popularly applied on windows, trims and ceilings although they are increasingly popular applied on walls too. Satin Finish paints have been hugely recommended for children rooms and in places where traffic is high mainly because they are easy to clean.

Glossy Paint

– Glossy paint is the direct opposite to matte finish paints. This type of paint creates a shiny finish to the surface which will reflect a lot of light thereby attracting a lot of attention. One of the good things about Glossy paint is that it is easy to clean.