6 Things you should know about your contractor

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Renovations can be quite daunting especially when you have a million possibilities and choices to make. The best way to start is to engage a contractor who is supposed to help you in almost every part but before you head out and make your own decisions, make sure you know what your contractor is thinking so as to ensure the whole renovation process is smooth.

Your used items

– It is suppose to save you on cost without needing to buy all new items but your contractor would really like to be given the freedom to work with new purchases. After all, an old classic bedside table might stand out like a sore thumb.

Your contractor or designer is not out there to cheat you

Believe it or not, your contractor is not going all out to add more tasks so that they can charge you more. The fact is that they want to get your job over and done with faster so that they can take up other projects.

He is not interested in ‘your’ people

Engaging the contractor means entrusting him to form his own team. Once you ‘recommend’ your own plumber or electrician, you need to be ready for conflicts later. After all, he has his own set of people he works best with, do not disrupt that chemistry.

He is not a magician

While he is capable of doing a lot more than you imagine, don’t expect your contractor to weave his magic wand and get you a new level upstairs out of nothing.

Thoughts of you

Many think that contractors are afraid of perfectionists as they are too fussy and micro-manages everything but they actually like you to be just that. It is a lot better if you harp on them on what you want and how you like it instead of suing them and holding payment for delivery the wrong thing.

Get out

– Having said that, once they start work, it would be best if you get out and stay out of the house when they are working.