3D Design Services


Looking for interior design or renovation services? You have come to the right place as we are the leaders and pioneers in providing these services. There are no other agencies who can offer you better services in terms of renovation and interior designing the way we do because we are the experts with highly qualified 3d designers.

At Renovation.com.my, we have worked and collaborated with some of the top property developers in many projects. As such, we are committed in offering top quality services in terms of 3-Dimensional (3D) drawings and blueprints as required by you.

Huge portfolio of cutting edge 3d Design

Over the past few years, we have already completed hundreds of projects involved 3D design and blueprint drawings. Thus, we would be the best agency to help you in your renovation and building designs.

Our designs are derived with you as our priority. Because of this, we ensure that the environments are designed to be realistic, practical and functional. Having done this hundreds of times, we are fully aware and well-versed with the designing software which allows us to bring out the best for your space.

Our experience designers are ready to deliver the most advanced 3D layouts

Whether it is an office, a home, retail or shop lots and for your corporate branding purposes, our 3D walkthrough are done only by the most qualified and experienced designers. We ensure that only the best elements are used including realistic and economical lighting options running on LED technology. This ensures that you will save more in the middle to long-term in overheads while enjoying the most appropriate lighting for your spaces concerned.