Does your home need insect screens?

insect screens

Insect screens are fittings that are used to keep insects out of the home. As you may have known by now, insects can be a big problem especially when it comes to hygiene. Insect screens are widely available in hardware shops and home depots but installing them might require some expertise from the professionals.

Who needs insect screens?

In a country like Malaysia, insects can be a constant problem. This is because the humid weather here encourages the breeding of mosquitoes while flies and other insects are constantly found in places where food is available.

This means that basically most Malaysian homes will need insect screens. These screens are somewhat similar to the insect netting that was used in the traditional kampong homes that cover the bed of the child. Today, insect screens are used in homes which are near to places where there is a river or drain nearby because they are known places as mosquito breeding grounds which can be a health hazard.

How to install insect screens?

As mentioned, if your home is struggling from keeping out insects like mosquitoes, the best way is to install insect screens. To do this, you will first need to identify the number of outlets like windows and doors. If your home is very large, you will need to ‘cover’ all the outlets.

Installing the insect screens can be very easy if the sizes are standard but if you need to customize each size to suit a different window or door, then engaging the experts will be most appropriate.

It must be noted that insect screens are sometimes regarded as another layer for the door which can be troublesome to many homes. This however cannot be an excuse not to use them because it will allow problematic insects like the Aedes mosquito to enter the home which could cause health problems like dengue fever.

Insect screen installers

The professional installers will usually first visit your home to identify how many screens are needed and their respective sizes. This is where they will draw out the entire plan of the screens and recommend to you accordingly.

In most cases, the installers will be the ones who will be supplying the insect screens because they will be the only ones who know how to mount them onto your home. Once their recommendations are agreed, then payment will be specified and installation work can begin. The most important factor is to ensure that all the outlets are covered because anyone left open will encourage insects to enter the home.