Jobs of a handyman

Jobs of a handyman

What is a handyman? When would you need to engage one? A handyman is someone who is able to fix most of the objects around the home.  You will find that they are quite good to have around when you have many things around the home which is spoilt or damaged.

A handyman is someone who is skilled mostly in repairs or to fix some areas like the sinks or toilets. In most circumstances, you will invite the handyman to your home to check around and see if there are things that need to be fixed or repaired. This can be both indoor and outdoor.

When to Call

The best time to call the handyman is when you have something that needs fixing. It would be a good time to call him in about the end of the year to fix whatever needed before the New Year comes around. Chinese families will call the handyman when they are carrying out spring cleaning to welcome the Lunar New Year.

Handyman Responsibilities

Take note that if you are going to engage a handyman to fix your home, there are things they can do and things they can’t. Here are some of them.

The handyman can evaluate your space and make suggestions. This means that he will look around and suggest if you need new lighting or the piping needs to be repaired. He will check the toilets to see if further repairs are necessary for better drainage.

The handyman can fix things. If he sees anything that needs fixing, he will tell you so. However, do not count on him on bigger renovation areas like building an extension or expanding the porch. This will be done by interior designers or contractors who specialize in these areas. Handymen are great for minor detailing work and not the major ones. They can however be involved in water, electricity, furniture and drainage, among many others.

The handyman can give you the costing of getting the repairs done. They can project a ball-park figure and if you really want his services, he will itemize them before starting work. If you do not agree, then you need to find someone else.

Efficient Costing

There are many methods of costing when engaging a handyman. Some will charge you for evaluation while others might not. You must check if the handyman charges you for coming to your place. Most will come and check where billing only happens if they start repairing while others charge for consultation.