Grills – design and types

Grilles –design and types

Designing your home has many challenges. It can be very general or could be very detailed depending on your preferences. If you engage an interior designer in renovating your home, chances are most of the designing and layout issues will be taken care of. However, there are situations where your opinion on what designs or motifs to use would be important especially when it comes to gates and grilles. In grilles, you have to choose between several methods and design styles which are available that can determine the overall outlook of your home.

Important elements in grilles

There are many types of grilles available in the market today. Below are some pointers on choosing the type of grilles for your home.

Type of Grilles Material

In most cases, grilles are made from steel. However, modern homes today have aluminum grilles as they are lighter and more durable. Stainless Steel are among the most popular types of grilles because they are easy to maintain and very strong. For safety purposes, the material used for grilles must be strong enough so that they cannot be easily broken or damaged.

Grilles Styles

Grilles are usually installed as a ‘fence’ for your home. They divide between you and your neighbors for terrace and semi-detached homes. If your home is a bungalow or a single-unit house, the grilles will be the boundary that covers your space. Grilles are usually designed in 2 styles which are horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal style grilles are most suitable for small areas and frames because it would not be practical to have long horizontal bars lining between you and your neighbors. Furthermore, long horizontal bars are known to be more costly.

On the other hand, vertical bars are a lot more practical and can be used in any frames. They can be increased where necessary and are most popularly used.

Motif in Grilles

The motifs used in grilles can vary among many traditions. There are ready-made designs which you can choose from the vendors. In usual cases, manufacturers will use floral designs as they are most common and easy to adopt. However, if you prefer a certain design or tradition, then you can actually have customized grilles.

For instance, you can use the Malay designs which are usually more floral and elaborate while the Indian traditions use more straightforward and simple designs. Chinese motifs are about functionality and practicality where the overall design of the grille must reflect the general outlook of the home. Meanwhile, contemporary designs will use more current structures and more artistic.