Granite, Ceramic and marble tiles

Granite, Ceramic marble tiles

There are many types of material that you can consider when tiling the floors where each type of material is well intended for different purposes. Generally, you can consider tiles that are granite, marble or ceramic tiles, all of which are commonly used in their respective spaces.

It is very important that you plan and decide which type of tiles you are using during the planning stage of renovating your home because this is something that you do once in a very long time. After all, renovating the floor of your home will require moving out everything and could be very troublesome. It must be noted that you must find and use tiles of the best possible quality as you do not want to carry out repairs or maintenance works in the near future.

Design of the marbles or tiles

It is very important to design how you want to tile the surface. In most renovation processes, tiling involves the floor while there are some which involve the walls like the kitchen and bathrooms. Once you have designed the surface, then you can work along the size and the quantity of tiles you need to complete this process, which will in turn determine the cost of your renovation works.

Granite tiles

Granite tiles are among the most popular types of tiles used in most spaces today. Granite is among the most affordable and widely available where they are used in almost any type of flooring. Granite tiles can be aesthetically pleasing where they come in different colors and sizes. In certain circumstances, you can actually customize the design and size of granite tiles. Most granite tiles have smooth surface where they might not be very suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles meanwhile have rougher surfaces where they are most suitable for use in kitchens and most appropriately for bathrooms where it might be wet. The nature of the uneven texture makes ceramic tiles most suitable for bathrooms to avoid slipping.

Marble tiles

Among the three types of tiles, marble tiles are among the most expensive. This type of tiles has an elegant design and smooth surface, making it very suitable for living rooms and large locations. Marbles are among the most popular type of tiles used in large houses like bungalows and they are usually larger in terms of size. This means that you will need lesser number of marble tiles as compared to granite ones but it can be costlier.