Electricity wiring and cabling

Electricity wiring and cabling

Electricity wiring and cabling is an important part of the home because they determine the efficiency of the energy used in the home. When it comes to electricity, you have to ensure that the wiring is done perfectly well because any problems later will incur time and cost which is unnecessary. In most situations, electricity wiring and cabling is done once in a long time because they require specialists who need to connect the wires properly while contractors need to conceal them so that what they do are not scattered and hidden from sight.

Professional Electrician Service

At the renovation stage, you will need to decide who the electricity wiring will be in your space. Take note that designing this layout cannot be done by the lay-man. Instead you need the services of an electrician who is a professional to help you mainly because of the following factors.

Safety Guide

The electrician will be able to guide you on how the wiring should be especially in high-risk areas like the toilet and the kitchen. Meanwhile, how the wiring should be in the outdoor who is exposed to rain and other weather conditions need to be considered as well. It must be noted that in most situations, the most common types of sockets used is the 3-phase socket power as they are economical and practical.

Efficient Costing

Laying the cables for electricity involves budgeting because they are determined by the type of material you will use. This covers the type of cables you are using, the type of sockets and such which are all determined through their brand image. One of the most popular brands that produce switches and sockets is Clipsal while other renowned manufacturers like Phillips and KDK supply these products as well.

Meanwhile you need to work with the electrician on the quantity of lighting and sockets. This must be determined before renovation work starts because you need to ensure that the cabling and wiring are sufficient to accommodate all the fittings that you would like in the respective spaces.

Future expansion

Another aspect that you must seriously consider is on future expansion. If you are planning to have an automatic gate in the future but not in this round of renovation, then it will be most practical to lay the cables first. In most situations, each room will have 4 power sockets but you might pull more cables to accommodate 8 for future expansion because it will be more costly to do so then.

Saving electricity

Once you have covered all that, you have to consider the ways to save on electricity bills. As you might know by now, using new technology like LED lights will help you to save up to 50% in electricity bills. Meanwhile, you must consider using a surge protector that will protect your home from lighting strikes because by cutting the current, it will not damage the appliances. Furthermore, using LED lights will require lesser dependence on air-conditioning to cool down the room which will in turn help you to save more on bills in the long term.