Restaurant Designs

Restaurant Design

Are you a restaurant owner looking for a makeover for your establishment? Do you have plans to open up an eatery but have no concrete idea on how to start and what design to adopt? As one of the top designers of spaces and interior motifs, we have in our collection many ideas to help your place of dining reach more customers. We believe that the place to eat must exude the right personality and ambiance. Here are some ideas.

Restaurant Design

Colorful stripes on top

This design is great if you have low-ceiling premises. As seen in this design, you might be offering sushi where you can lower down the ground. Then, use multi-colored strips as your ceiling and you can appreciate the coziness that comes with it.

Nightingale Restaurant, designed by Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge. For Mia Stainsby story. [PNG Merlin Archive]

Corporatize the Ambiance

A restaurant design like this is great for business meetings. Lunchtime is where your crowd comes in and that is where you want them to stay for the comfort and enjoy the food while coming to an agreement on certain types of business deals. The outlook is professional as much as it is businesslike.

Let the Light Shine in

Notice how this design plays with the shadow of the window-lines? This is perfect if your restaurant faces the sun at certain times of the day. High ceilings will be nice but ensure that you have enough cooling system to go about or it would be too warm.

Net at the Ceilings

This design will give your restaurant that posh feeling. It uses large so-called nettings at the top. This gives the restaurant a generous outlook. People who dine here will feel that the restaurant is so much more spacious because of this especially with the clever play of lighting.

Not everything must be real

You need not use real items for decoration every time. This design adopts a lot of creativity on the walls. In fact, by ‘painting’ the pendant lights on the wall, it looks as if there are extra tables around the restaurant which makes the limited space looks larger.

Old Café with Polaroids

Yes, it is true that polaroids are not as common today. There are alternatives in the market so let your imagination run a bit wilder. This is not a new idea but if adopted well, it would work wonders. Let your customers take photos of their meals and then post them on the designated walls. The furniture you use should be classical ones too.

Old Istanbul Motif

This design uses Istanbul because it gives you that picture, doesn’t it? From the color scheme and tones to the way things are placed in the cabinets, you get that rustic and traditional outlook together with some of the modern designs too.

Oriental Forest within the Café

This design charms the best out of your customers for sure. It depends on what cuisine you are serving as well. Anyone would love the dark, wooden furniture scattered all around the place while the red tree in the middle adds so more jive to it. For the tree, you might want to use it moderately so as not to overkill it.

Pinch of Yellow and Red

To say pinch might be overstating it as this design uses a lot of red and yellow. In fact, they put it so well, they match and complement each other. When you have two of the passion colors in your restaurant, nothing really goes wrong.

Reminds you of your home

A design likes this takes the inspiration from the home kitchen. At some point, the people dining here feels like they are dining at the kitchen island together with a large group of many others. To top it off, the design gives you a place to drink and hang out too.

Rustic and Hard Wood

Hardwood color tones are commonly used for living rooms. Hence, if you are one who likes this tone, you might need to be careful not to overdo this. In fact, hardwood will give you the impression of classic and rustic which means that it might appeal more to the older crowd. Such an ambiance is great for business talks and corporate meetings with wine and cigar.

Save space on the sides

If your restaurant is limited in space, then a simple stretch of bar stools and bar table would be nice. This is where you can serve fast-meals or just coffee for single customers. Ensure that you place plug points there though. This is great for sidewalk cafes and places with busy traffic.

Colorize the Skyline

If your restaurant is located in a building, create your own color tone at the windows. Ensure that you use high ceiling windows that oversee the skyline. This makes the scenery all the more captivating. The use of blue color is a stroke of genius here.

Spaceship Design

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it would be good to have them if you know how to use this design appropriately. The coast might be higher than most other designs as you need to custom-make things like furniture and such. Do not be overly enthusiastic about using spaceships and all because that might come out as immature.

Sharp Blue Always Works

This is one design which is quite interesting as it uses blue color excellently. Contrast it with yellow together with some futuristic furniture and you have a cozy and exciting corner for your customers. Such a design would be ideal for the young and contemporary looking for a place to hang out with friends or colleagues.