Renovation Concepts – Malay design

In countries like Malaysia, you are very fortunate to be able to choose many different traditions and cultures that can best reflect your personality. One of them is our very own Malay style design. It must be noted that adopting a Malay design space is not limited only for Malay homes as this design can be quite universal and used by anyone who appreciates this culture.

Traditional Design

No one says that traditional means old-fashion. You can use traditional designs in the most modern homes if you know how. If you are going with the Malay design, then you can draw your inspiration from the Malay kampong homes. This tradition is very rich and makes your home very cozy.

Floor-Bound Furniture

In the old kampong homes, you will find that furniture is very minimal as families sit around on the floors. You can adopt this concept by using floor-bound furniture like carpets and mats. While it might not be too practical to dine on the floor, you can try dining sets that are Japanese-inspired. Meanwhile, ensure that you use more teak wood furniture for chairs and tables.

Meanwhile, you can source for traditional furniture like wardrobe and kitchen cabinets from the likes of Terengganu and Kelantan where this type furniture are commonly made and sold.

Color Schemes

In kampong homes, the color schemes that are commonly used are usually green and brown which are very close to nature. Hence, you could consider using the brown color scheme.

Simplicity in Designs

The whole idea about Malay designs is to keep it simple and basic. The best inspiration to draw from in terms of Malay design is to visit the villages in most states around Malaysia. In the more modern setting, there can be flower gardens outside the house to beautify the steps that lead into the home.

Suitability of Design

Malay designs will be best suited for single unit homes because they usually involve the entire space land space of the property. Meanwhile, this type of design would be best used only for the internal space for homes that are in terraces or semi-detached.

Interior Design

In terms of decorations and aesthetics, there are many elements that can be taken into consideration. Teak and wooden furniture should be used as often as possible. You can decorate the walls with traditional art forms like the Wau or the Wayang Kulit, both of which are often associated with the Malay culture. Other design elements that you can consider would include the likes of ceramic-ware like pots and pans as well as the sculptures that can be placed within display cabinets around the home.