Renovation Concepts – Indian design

Indian Interior Design in Malaysia

Designing the home or any space for renovation requires a lot of planning and long term decision making. When you are planning to give your home a makeover, it means that you are ready to pay a certain sum of money to change the outlook of the home for many years to come. Renovation is something that you do once every few years while some families only do this when it is necessary.

Malaysia is a country known for its multi-cultural background and rich traditions. In having a harmonious environment of different people and culture like the Malays, Indians, Chinese and many others, Malaysians enjoy a healthy-mix of design ideas and elements. One of them is the Indian design adopted in homes. It can be assumed that most Indian families adopt the designs that have been ‘migrated’ from India while many have since assimilated the Malaysian way as well.

With that, you have a very exciting mix of colors, elements and objects that can be used to exude an Indian element in your homes. Where this is concerned, the Indian design is not limited only for Indian homes as many modern families today use this design as they are commonly associated with relaxation and peace.

Tradition Designs

The tradition of using Indian designs means that you will have a very colorful environment. Indian homes are very family-oriented. Unlike Malay homes, Indian design places a lot of emphasis on sharp colors and house ware like cutleries and such. This is a very unique trait among Malaysian Indians where stainless steel ware is commonly used.

Modern Furniture

The furniture used in Indian homes can be quite elaborate. Modern teak furniture will be very suitable for Indian designed homes. This will cover the couches, tea tables and cabinets. Meanwhile, stainless steel cabinets are commonly used as well.

Colors Scheme

In Indian homes and spaces, colors that are adopted are usually sharp and contrasting. This is an element which is often associated with the rich traditions of the Indian community. Ideas of color schemes can be derived from Kolams that are displayed during Deepavali celebrations.

Design Suitability

The Indian design for renovation can be adopted by anyone in Malaysia. That is the main factor that makes Malaysian homes so unique. While you might be a Chinese family, the use of multi-colored designs for your decorations could work well if you know how to. In most cases, Indian designs are very suitable for interior designing because of its practicality.

Interior Design

Designing the interior space will involve the use of sculptures and home-ware. There can be the antique-style Indian sculpture that can be used for decorative purposes. Meanwhile, the walls can be donned with objects like Indian persona tea-towels which are usually made with a lot of accessories and beads.

In terms of cutleries and other items used around the home, Indian designs will commonly involve the use of stainless steel cups, plates and bowls. Apart from being practical in nature, this type of wares is easy to clean and maintain in the long term.