Renovation Concepts – Chinese design

Chinese Design Interior Malaysia

The Chinese tradition is very rich and evident in the Malaysian society. This is among the many different communities and culture that co-exist harmoniously in the country. Malaysians are very fortunate to be able to appreciate many different culture and design styles especially when it comes to renovation and decorations and the Chinese motif is among one of the most prominent ones around.

Chinese design spaces are highly significant and functional which dates back to many centuries ago when the Chinese traders came to the land. Through the trade lines and practices, a lot of these designs are still evident especially when it comes to living spaces while objects like cutleries and decorative items are still being seen around.

If you are planning to renovate your space using the Chinese design, the best thing to start with is to visit antique shops and look for accessories that will best suit your personality. Chinese traditions can be very elaborate as they usually adopt a lot of accessories which can sometimes be not as symmetrical as the items used in contemporary design. However, it must be noted that a properly designed Chinese will usually exude good balance and harmony as persisted in the practice of Feng Shui.

Traditional Design

One thing for sure, Chinese tradition is very rich and harmonious. If you are designing a home with Chinese motif, you will be sure to come across the use of traditional items that are commonly related to Feng Shui and its related practices. In Malaysia, Chinese homes are commonly seen in historical states like Malacca and Penang while Taiping and Ipoh are known cities with a strong background of Chinese traditions as well.

Chinese Furniture

Furniture used in a Chinese design home would be ceramic ones as well as those old wooden and rectangular shaped sets. This type of sets might not be easily available in furniture shops today so you might need to look for them in China retailers. Meanwhile, you should take note of cabinets and altars with dragon and phoenix motifs that can be used as well.

Colors Scheme

In Chinese homes and spaces, colors that are adopted usually goes along pastel schemes. Unlike Indian designs, Chinese elements are not as sharp and go with a lot of light green, blue and pink.

Design Suitability

Chinese design is very suitable for interior design of homes where you can design a holistic environment made from Chinese elements. You can have accessories in your display cabinets like antique vases and other design items while placing Chinese calligraphy and paintings are common practices as well.

Interior Design

A Chinese design space will usually involve Chinese ceramics. Teapot sets can be used on tea tables while you can include the use of Chinese brush paintings on the walls. Chinese cabinets and drawers are usually standard furniture while it is common to see the likes of Chinese characters, dragons and other celestial beings in the decorations. In most cases, there will be ceramic sculptures as well as Chinese arts and crafts like lanterns, candle holders, cups and others involved to exude the overall personality of the space.