Renovation Concepts – Bali design

Bali Interior Design

One of the facts about designing using Bali motifs is that it is very versatile. This is because Bali designs can be adopted to exude either a traditional environment or one which is contemporary and more modern. Bali design is said to originate from Bali in Indonesia and has become one of the most popular design concepts among interior designers and others in this field.

If you are planning to impose a Bali personality in your space, you will need to plan what type of furniture and decorative items you want to use while promoting a space which is smooth, functional and aesthetically pleasing along the way. If you are renovating your space, it is very important to first identify how much of the space will be Balinese because it will further determine the overall cost and time.

One of the positive traits about Balinese design in Malaysia is that because we are located very near to Indonesia, we can easily find Balinese furniture in the country. Furthermore, many spaces today have adopted Bali motifs which in turn will influence the final outcome of your renovation.

Rich Tradition

Traditions in Asian countries are very rich. While Malaysia is very much a multi-cultural country, some of the traditions are ‘imported’ from neighbouring countries and this can be prominently seen through Bali designs. It can be noted that many of Malaysia’s culture like Malay and the Minangkabau motifs are actually migrated from Indonesia and other neighbours. Hence, it is quite common that Bali tradition is seen in many of today’s spaces.

Balinese Furniture

Bali furniture is very popular among interior designers. In fact, there are many vendors who sell Bali furniture in the local market. Bali furniture need not be imported from Bali but can be produced locally because the raw material is easily available in Malaysia. In most cases when it comes to Balinese furniture, they are commonly made with sculptures and very unique carvings which are associated to this tradition.

Color Scheme

Homes that use Balinese design usually promote peace and balance. The color schemes that are used are usually closely related to wood and its natural elements. Hence, it is very common for Bali design spaces to be brown, white and shades of yellow.

Design Suitability

Balinese design is extremely suitable for Malaysian homes because they can be adopted in almost any space. Unlike Malay designs, which are more suitable for single unit homes, Bali design can be used for both outdoor and indoor situations. This means that you can have a Balinese garden or use it for a single room. Alternatively, you can adopt Balinese design for the entire home as well.

Interior Design

Spaces that are designed using Balinese styles usually involve the furniture and other accessories. As mentioned, there will be carvings and sculptures used for decorative purposes. The designing of an interior space using the Bali style will include fittings like the cabinets and tea tables which are made from dark-colored wood. One of the strong elements of these spaces could include a small fountain or a simple ‘waterfall’ to promote flowing of water as well.