Hotel Designs

Hotel design

Are you looking for a designer to create the right outlook for your hotel? Are you a hotelier or you own a property with the potential of running a hotel? When it comes to hotel rooms, you need to create the right atmosphere and ambiance for your guests so that they remember their stay at your hotel. Let our designers help you with some ideas.

Animated Self

Some hotels like to give their rooms characters from known programs such as this which uses the Hello Kitty motif. You might have to consider paying for royalties or licensing if you decide to use this though.

Apartment Style

Besides designing hotels and rooms, we have designed some of the most luxurious and beautiful apartments. Our experience can be used to design rooms like this for your hotel.

Bland and Grey

This design is made specifically to give you a good night’s rest without being too loud or funky. It goes with a dull motif so as to promote better resting chambers for the guest.

City Dwelling

A city style room is one that will fit nicely into a hotel when you are in major towns. This is the perfect design which is no-frills and very straightforward. What you get is a simple and nice place to spend the night with modern designs and decoration.

For the business traveler

You might design your hotel fit for the business traveler. This is one of the most common types of hotels around. As such, you use functional items in your hotel rooms and not just for aesthetic purposes.

Fun in the Sun

This room is designed which can fit very nicely in places like resorts or if your hotel is in a vacation city. Such a design will promote fun and relaxation and would be nice for small families or groups of friend. Notice the contrasting colors used on the drape and comforter.

Gold Plated

If you are looking to promote a royalty-type of room, then this design is good for your hotel. Use gold but use it sparingly not to overkill the design.

Luxury and Comfort

Such a design is intended to give you a combination of luxury and comfort which will do your hotel a lot of good in terms of reputation. If your hotel can offer both at an affordable price, your guests will always come back. Trust us on this.

Use a minimalist design

You do not necessarily need to use a lot of items to decorate your hotel room. Simple and minimal ones will do the job just fine as long as you know where to put what and how to put them. Take note on how well the lamps and furniture are balanced in this design.

Pastel and Homely

What you want from your guests is the experience of staying in your hotel. They will surely appreciate the homely environment and ambiance in a room like this. Use pastel colors and combine them with some minimalist outlook in the furniture and fittings.

Privacy Planned

This type of hotel room is great for couples. You can promote your hotel as a honeymoon or couple-friendly establishment with special treatment or promotions. This type of room is simple and yet very private.

Resort-style rooms

If you have a view which is to ‘die-for’, then this design will be perfect. Your hotel can have a resort-style design with rooms that your guests would like to stay in and is great for those who do not like to get out too much. The ambiance itself will tell you that you just like to laze around and just spend your vacation inside the room.